New Jersey Network of Superintendents

Launched in December 2008, the New Jersey Network of Superintendents (NJNS) is a cross-district community of practice involving superintendents from more than a dozen New Jersey public school districts. NJNS is all about equity and excellence in K-12 education. It recognizes the crucial role of superintendents as system-level instructional leaders, and NJNS recognizes that superintendents too seldom receive ongoing quality support in fulfilling this crucial role.

Network members commit to a disciplined process of direct observation of teaching and learning in schools (instructional rounds) and support each other in developing or refining improvement strategies around what they see in practice. They also engage in peer-learning through a range of other activities. And Network members support each other in focusing on how to use the leverage-points of the superintendency – resources, time, accountability, and professional development – to improve their districts and to create conditions that advance student achievement for all – All Means All.

This program of Panasonic Foundation is supported by a design team and documentation team. The design team meets before each NJNS session -- more often than not including a NJNS superintendent member or two in the meeting – to organize learning experiences that are generally facilitated by design team members. Each session is carefully documented by the documentation team, which produces a documentation report that informs the ongoing program design work as well as the overall evolution of the community of practice.